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The Environment

I devote much of my time toward efforts to bring clean energy and sustainability to Oakland County, both within the grounds and buildings, but also County wide as all communities, residents, and businesses look toward a clean energy future. I brought the idea of a countywide energy audit to the table in last year’s budget negotiations. Today it is part of the County Executive’s Sustainability plan, in support of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. I have passed resolutions in support of a statewide Electric Car charging network, and Solar installations on County property. This year I spearheaded distribution of 5000 Oak tree seedlings Countywide in commemoration of the County’s Bicentennial. Oak trees support over 500 species of birds, butterflies, and insects and are essential to the biodiversity of this region. Our efforts to educate and partner with local organizations on this project this spring gave us all a bright spot of hope during the pandemic.

Social Justice and Civil Rights

I am a strong proponent of equal treatment under the law for all marginalized persons. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe women. I believe women should have control over their own bodies, and everyone deserves quality health care. I sponsored the resolution to fund Oakland County’s only free clinic for reproductive services, Planned Parenthood of Ferndale, when they were defunded by the President. I sponsored the resolution placing 60 Public Health nurses into school districts to help with planning for a safe return to school. I support LGBTQ+ rights in all facets of public life.

I also believe we need to work with our Sheriff, our local Law Enforcement, our Prosecutor, and Public Health agencies to better serve those most in need in our communities. Help people with mental health or family problems by de-emphasizing punishment, and by supporting access to resources. I expect to work with the State and Local governments as we look at changing modern law enforcement and public health.

One last point – I have spoken out against the acceptance of Military hardware by local law enforcement since the practice began around 2003. We don’t need all of that hardware to maintain a safe society. I believe it destroys the sense of community partnership that is so necessary for good policing and peacekeeping. As recently as June of this year, I was the only Commissioner to vote against the acceptance of two surplus military trucks into our Sheriff’s fleet. I question the expense, the training, and the atmosphere it creates, and I will continue to ask if this is a good use of taxpayer dollars.

Public Transportation

I have been a strong proponent of public transit, and continue to be part of discussions as to where we go in the future. Today, talks have stalled as local government leaders focus on supporting our local residents and communities through the pandemic. Talks continue with Wayne County, Washtenaw County, and Oakland County to build a strategy going forward that suits the vast majority of residents in urban, suburban and rural areas. We want to have a plan that provides the services people want. That may include FAST bus service on major roads, localized van services in rural areas, and other innovative and specific ways to address the many varied needs across the counties. It’s imperative for the future that we incorporate public transit into our region if we want to be competitive when attracting and retaining employers and talented workers. Underserved populations of disabled, elderly, students, and others without reliable transportation need support.

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Gary Peters, US Senator
Haley Stevens, Congresswoman MI-11
Dana Nessel Michigan Attorney General
Dave Coulter, Oakland County Executive
Jim Nash, Water Resources Commissioner
Dave Woodward, Chair, Oakland County Commission
Marcia Gershenson, Oakland County Commissioner
Helaine Zack, Oakland County Commissioner
Angela Powell, Oakland County Commissioner
Janet Jackson, Oakland County Commissioner

Vicki Barnett, Mayor Farmington Hills
Christine Greig, State Representative
Robert Wittenberg, State Representative
Matt Koleszar, State Representative
Jeremy Moss, State Senator
Dayna Polehanki, State Senator
Andrew Mutch, Novi City Council
Kelly Hough-Breen, Novi City Council
Samantha Steckloff, Farmington Hills City Council
Barbara Moroski-Browne, Northville City Council