Gwen Markham for Oakland County Commissioner

For the past 4 years, I have served as County Commissioner for the 9th District, which includes Novi and Northville. Previously, I spent 5 years on the Novi City Council. My professional career was spent in Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturing Operations. I have lived in Oakland County most of my life, the last 27 years in Novi. I’m married and have 2 adult children.

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District 15 - New Boundaries

New Oakland County District boundaries were set in 2022, and District 15 where Gwen resides  includes Novi Township, the entire portion of the City of Northville within Oakland County, and portions of the cities of Farmington Hills and Novi as shown below.

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Good Government

Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. That’s what Abraham Lincoln called the American experience in his Gettysburg Address. For me, this is the essence of democracy. We participate by voting to choose our leaders. We serve in countless ways, both official and unofficial throughout our communities. For those of us who have been honored to be chosen for elected office, the responsibility includes serving all of those we represent, as we are 

The Environment and Climate Change

Gwen Markham - trees

Three accomplishments illustrate my commitment to addressing climate change.

 1) Through the distribution of 5000 Oak tree seedlings in 2020, followed by sponsorship of the OAKSTEM tree planting program that planted over 1350 trees in SE Oakland County this year, I’m committed to establishing green infrastructure.

Public Transit is on the Ballot in Oakland County

I’m excited about the plan for Public Transit on the ballot in November, and here’s why:

1) All of Oakland County will be included in the proposed transit system, and there will be no swiss-cheese holes like our current Opt-Out system. The existing SMART system will be expanded to include 3 major routes into/out of Novi so workers who need transportation to our retail, restaurant, and hospital/service employment centers can get to work. 

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